Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Still I Play...

My new apron. Elder Scroll Online. Such a pretty game!


Tim Schnack said...

Sigh... Time & someone to play with have kept me from mmo's for a while (Wildstar was my last). Keep (e)hope alive! /wookieehug

Hey Judy Arts said...

I get the someone to play with part. Sunder is all over the place. They are testing Star Citizen. Eh...I need a ground game.

Ehope and Path will live on, somewhere, someplace and usually wearing some odd cooking clothes.

Big hugs to the Wookiee!

Tim Schnack said...

What about ARK?
eX, Chief, and Dathnic are playing on a Sunder server. I played a bit with them earlier this week.

Hey Judy Arts said...

Just saw a mention of Ark in the Sunder shoutbox. I bought the game a few months ago but never played. Might need to re-think this. Hardest part is tweaking the controls to my liking. I am not a WSAD player. Dang Logitech Game keyboard is acting up.

Excuses, excuses...Ehope gets lost so easily.