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End of an Era

Oh my, it's my birthday. I celebrated early with a Sapphire Martini. Hit me hard since I had zero sleep last night I am typing. (and auto correct yelling at me)
My birthday marks an end to a journey. I have followed and lived, (in an odd way) The Skywalker Saga . It ends today.
My Dad was in Aerospace. He taught me about fuel, wings, trust, foils, turbines, velocity, astrodynamics, and read me Jules Verne at bedtime. We always looked to the night sky. We wondered, and theorized, what was beyond. My Dad and I were both dreamers. We looked to the stars and fell, mind over matter, in what could be.
Then there was Star Wars.
For someone that had always imagined a futuristic, fantasy world, “A New Hope” was a dream come true. I imagined life beyond Earth, good and bad, possible and improbable. Then suddenly. on a giant screen there were people from other planets talking, droids beeping, aliens singing, spaceships going to hyperspace, Lightsabers and blasters and the…

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