Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Typical Girl Gamer

 The Elder Scrolls Online recently released a new DLC, Shadows of the Hist. A big perk of the DLC (for ESO Plus members) is the ability to dye collected costumes. While adventuring in ESO, players earn (or purchase through the Crown Store) costumes. Most, in their generic form, are not so pretty. With Shadows of the Hist, I can "Even dye my eyes to match my gown."

Lovin' this! Call it girl gamer fluff but I can knock down, snare, steal and annihilate all while color coordinated. Now I just need some paint for my bow and blades.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Best tag ever. Thank you Dougie!

Ehope is a game name I have used since Morrowind (Offline) Ehope has been my silly pig-tailed avatar through The Sim's Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars message boards, Lord of the Rings Online...more.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ark of Sunder

So I caught up with my guild Sunder on Ark. They picked me up in a flying dinosaur Winnebago with a rooftop garden and a king sized bed!

Greatest Guild ever. Love my Sunder guys.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Awakened

No spoilers here! Yes, The Force Awakens is amazing. Yes, J.J. nailed it. Love/hate so many unanswered questions. Love, loved that those same unanswered questions made for a lovely, geeky, happy, speculation of the story on the ride with Kyle Pelot back to my car. Heading out for viewing 2 tomorrow. I'll be looking for more clues!

 More after my second viewing.

Sunday, November 09, 2014


This is where my spider lives. Tenacious one. It needs a name since it has lived through 3 months of web removal. I could have squashed it, just chose not to.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sunder - My Band of Brothers

Honor. Loyalty. Friendship.
And the best darn people I have never met. 

Sunder is my game guild. Basically, a group of people from around the globe that play MMO's together. We use TeamSpeak (Like a vocal chat room) to coordinate quests, organize and simply talk. I have never met any of my Guild. They are still real friends. 

I offer my thanks to Sunder. You have always been there for me, even when I left gaming. Friends are like that. /bow

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Be Nice

I love this. So true! I'm good with a knife. All that whittling 'ya know.

Thanks to The Bloggess.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Bedtime Story

Shall I tell a bedtime story?
Castles and roads of gold you have heard.
Feathers to fly, potions of magic, chattering animal friends, are yours.
When we met.
How you smiled.
The fears and joys of watching over you.
These are the tales you asked for.
They are the times we shared.
Stories are forever
For with each breath we
Create the new.
Bedtime stories to dream upon.
Memories that quicken the breath as
They are remembered and retold.
All these I give to you and more
For we are not finished.
Today I tell myself the story of us.
When you are the voice,
Mine shall be the chorus, the small
Harmony behind your bedtime tale
Told to your children
As they fall to slumber
Enveloped in an orchestra of voices
Singing generations of our lives.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Not The Game You Are Looking For.

I adore video games. No news there. What may be surprising is how picky I am about the games I play.

I follow current game news, read trend reports, apply for Alpha's, Beta's and consider myself well informed. The current trend towards browser based games is not new. The "new" part is porting these games to social platforms such as Facebook.

Be prepared for an onslaught of social media, browser games. Raph Koster's Metaplace was recently acquired by Playdom which in turn is now a part of Disney. The developers of these forms of games are very excited. They spout numbers in the billions for player bases. I am sure the numbers are high...minus one. I can't stand these games. They feel like a time warp back to my arcade days. These new games do not compare to the creative, visual, games of old. Perhaps if they were to port Earthworm Jim,(exception iPhone which I will never own..go Android) Starship Titanic or Myst I might hit the play button but I refuse to join anyone's Mafia or farm any ville. I am a game snob.

We have more time wasters. Free to play browser games. Being the Star Wars fan I am, I gave the Lucas Arts/Sony new Clone Wars 15 minutes then I spent 30 minutes making sure no trace of the game remained on my PC. The story is pretty much the same for Sony's Free Realms. *coughs* Ya get what you pay for eh?

I realize a great number of these games are geared towards a young, if not very, very young audience. A good thing for parents. Free. No begging for time cards or mile long lists of 60 buck a pop platform games. (That last statement may be a bit of wishful thinking for parents.)When my kids were just venturing into video games, the worlds were rich, the puzzles clever and the immersion a delight. As a trio, my daughter, son and I nibbled at Myst. (along with a few sequels) The world was lovely, art insanely beautiful. The storyline played like a novel and overall the experience was like candy for the imagination. Games such as Myst inspired creativity outside the game. Can we say the same for current trends? I can not say they inspire imagination IN the game let alone after you walk away.

I am on Facebook. I do "Hide" all posts from social games. I easily refuse all invitations to join teams or play within a social network. I offer the game developers a challenge...change my mind.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Orlando Bound

I am still a Star Wars fan and along with thousands of others, I am heading to Orlando, Florida for the Star Wars convention known as "Celebration V." Four days of total Geeky-ness. No costume for me. I can't sew well enough and haven't managed to follow through with Scout Trouper armor. Maybe I'll be properly attired for Celebration VI. Two years to plan...which at my age is a bit like a smile and a nod.

If anyone is attending the convention and 'ya see me, say Hi!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gotta Love Real(ity) T.V.

I just found this amusing. You would think extras would not be needed but is Reality T.V.

Extras Casting Atlanta

MTV's "Super Psycho Sweet 16" is seeking high school age extras on Wed July 7th, afternoon scene at Sprayberry High School in Marietta. This would be begin @ 1:30PM & last for a few hours. It's unpaid but tons of MTV & other stuff we are giving away all afternoon. If interested please email pic, age & contact info to: WE will get right back to you with a confirmation & all of the details.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Run Re-Run...Again

Hornaday/Chaffee Trading Spouses episodes.

March 24, 2010.
CMT 4:00 PM

I still want to see myself speak another language. I wonder if they dub or just sub-title?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Real Gamers Have More Fun

I "met" Kathy Scanlon long ago in a town known as Blazing Falls. We were two of a band of online game junkies. We traveled together through pixel perfect worlds.

Outside of gaming, we posted on our forums. We cheered as members had children, laughed as we wrote of our real life escapades and became friends.

My avatar buddies knew when I became involved with the FOX "Trading Spouses" reality TV show. I kept them updated and we waited...and waited and waited. During that time Kathy appeared in a commentary for "Survivor." I believe I still have that on a VHS tape somewhere! (It could come in handy if we play another MMORPG and I am short on gold.) Kathy wanted to be on a reality TV show and when you want something that much, and you are Kathy, you get it.

Kathy will be on Animal Planet's "Underdog to Wonderdog," this Saturday at 9PM EST. The show replays so check the listings.

I am so happy for Kathy. I will be watching, smiling and thinking, "Kathy PWNS!!!"

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Run! Rerun!

My "Trading Spouses" episodes will air tomorrow. Eh, always fun stuff. I think I will play video games while this is on....or maybe I will take a break from my 12 hour a day pc addiction and watch it!

CMT - Hornaday/Chaffee Part 1.
Wed., Sep. 9 4:00 PM ET/PT
A Star Wars gaming addict with two grown teenagers trades places with a Christian mom from Kentucky who has young triplets.

CMT - Hornaday/Chaffee Part 2.
Wed., Sep. 9 5:00 PM ET/PT
Judy accuses Mike of being a control freak who doesn't spend enough "down time" simply enjoying his young triplets; Shon takes Doug and his teenagers sailing to reconnect as a family; when the moms meet, Shon confronts Judy about her computer addiction; and Judy warns Shon that Mike needs to put his family first, not the house.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Locker Bling

Today begins Senior Week at my Son’s High School. It is a tacky celebration of banquets, ceremony, decoration and one up-manship competitions geared towards the graduation senior’s parents. Yes, parents, not students.

The “Letter” breakfast involves parents writing letters to graduation seniors. Not only to your senior but also to your child’s friends. I have received correspondences from parents requesting letters to their child. I didn’t write a single one. This event reminds me of the old school Valentines boxes. The child with the most cards wins. I didn’t like it then and today, as a parent, I dislike it more. This event we did not participate in. My Son said, “No.” Thank you Evan.

My yard needs mowing. What my yard does not need is a sign announcing my Son’s graduation. Yard signs and banners are appearing all around the community. Some are small like the ones that say, “Stay off the grass” and in smaller letters, “Pesticides applied.” By the time you get close enough to read the fine print you can smell the Raid. Over zealous parents go for the banners. They can be read from a low flying plane. The only sign I want in my yard is a small post it note that reads, “Evan, I will pay you to mow.”

Now for the one event I did participate in. Just shoot me now, it didn’t go well. Locker decoration should be an easy task. Grab a few photos, some tacky glitter, glue, tape and ta-da…done. With this event the parent must abide by the rules. That was the easy part. No offending photos. Before a parent can begin this task, they must go to the school after hours, pick up the decorating package. This includes a template (That was the nice part) and a permission ship to be filled out by the student. The permission slip gives the locker number, combination and is required by the school before the decoration can be applied. My Son did not know his locker number however he gave me vague directions on how to locate it. I didn’t foresee a problem. Have the school look up the number, decorate locker.

With spray mount still on my hands I was happy to be 30 minutes early for the turn in time. The school attendant requested my child’s name and the form. She then told me his locker number. I walked the hall for 45 minutes looking for the locker. The school insisted it was upstairs however the directions my Son had given were downstairs. One school employee advised me three times to find the locker and vacate the building as they were locking the school. She offered no assistance finding the locker. During my exploration of the halls, I saw a banquet of sorts occurring in the cafeteria. The diners were just beginning their meal. I had no plans on vacating the building until everyone did, including the cafeteria patrons.

The woman insisting I leave the building found me again. This time I asked her for help. She declined by repeating her vacate the building line. Another school “Helper” overheard and offered assistance. Finally! After 40 minutes I was out of halls to roam. We went back to the list. The locker listed was upstairs. Shaking my head and informing the lady the locker was not upstairs, I appeased her and entered the elevator. The “Officially listed” locker was easy to find. I entered the combination, knowing this was not my Son’s locker and it did not open. No surprise there. The lady tried the combination. It still would not open because….it was not the right locker. The “Official list” was wrong. Of course then I received a lecture on how the list was not wrong. My son must be sharing a locker or using someone else’s. He is not, but there is no way to convince any person employed by Gwinnett County schools that they are wrong. Over 14 years, with two children I have learned this. They never make mistakes. They are infallible. They are still wrong regardless of their staunch righteousness.

Defeated, I “Vacated” the building, rule abiding, decorated locker template in hand.

My backup plan was to have Evan text me his locker number on Monday, go back to the school and slap the friggin thing on the correct locker. Is anything really that easy?

Since school is in session, parents are required to sign in, show ID, fill out a badge, explain their visit and give a pint of blood before entering the school proper. Lets just say the office employee was as one minded as the “Vacate” woman. She insisted Evan’s locker was the one upstairs that the official record stated. I informed her the list was incorrect and wrote the correct locker number on the back of the template. She informed me parents were not allowed to place the decorations on the lockers during school hours and a student helper would place it for me. I was fine with that! The visit could have ended pleasantly there but this being a school employee, she was concerned about the “Official” list. It was her desire to have Evan come to the office and have the situation remedied. Evan was not in this school at the time. He splits his courses between two schools. I informed her, “There are only a few weeks left of school. Evan is graduating. I see no reason to fix anything.” Thoughts of Evan being forced to move to the upstairs locker for the final weeks flew through my thoughts. She wanted the locker situation corected. The last thing I wanted was for the school to fix the situation. I just wanted the decoration tossed up on the locker my son uses….please!

Hopefully when Evan arrives at school in the morning, his locker will have the gaudy decorations applied. Hopefully, the school will not attempt to fix that which is not broken. Hopefully, the school will send me the allotted four tickets for the graduation ceremony. I am already planning how to skirt any problems if the tickets do not arrive. When it comes to attending the ceremony, I will not be defeated.