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What I am to You

(I wrote this prior to my Father's death but did not publish. At the time I felt attacked by siblings and didn't want to cause turmoil during a time of great stress.)

So tired of trying to be what others want. I am not the perfect sibling. Not  a part of corporate America. Not what you want me to be but, I am whole, healthy and I was the perfect (close anyway) daughter.

I left a career in PCB design when I was pregnant with my first child. It was the right decision. My Husband and I wanted a parent at home to raise our young. My Son was born 19 months later. We stayed true to a parent at home.

As they grew, there were times I missed working outside the home. There were more times my children needed me. My house became a haven for latchkey kids. They flocked here with their parents approval. I fed them, entertained them, laid out the boundaries and they accepted. I provided a safe place for my children and their comrades. The visiting kids became my friends in a way they could…

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