A Mother's Bedtime Story

Shall I tell a bedtime story?
Castles and roads of gold you have heard.
Feathers to fly, potions of magic, chattering animal friends, are yours.
When we met.
How you smiled.
The fears and joys of watching over you.
These are the tales you asked for.
They are the times we shared.
Stories are forever
For with each breath we
Create the new.
Bedtime stories to dream upon.
Memories that quicken the breath as
They are remembered and retold.
All these I give to you and more
For we are not finished.
Today I tell myself the story of us.
When you are the voice,
Mine shall be the chorus, the small
Harmony behind your bedtime tale
Told to your children
As they fall to slumber
Enveloped in an orchestra of voices
Singing generations of our lives.