Real Gamers Have More Fun

I "met" Kathy Scanlon long ago in a town known as Blazing Falls. We were two of a band of online game junkies. We traveled together through pixel perfect worlds.

Outside of gaming, we posted on our forums. We cheered as members had children, laughed as we wrote of our real life escapades and became friends.

My avatar buddies knew when I became involved with the FOX "Trading Spouses" reality TV show. I kept them updated and we waited...and waited and waited. During that time Kathy appeared in a commentary for "Survivor." I believe I still have that on a VHS tape somewhere! (It could come in handy if we play another MMORPG and I am short on gold.) Kathy wanted to be on a reality TV show and when you want something that much, and you are Kathy, you get it.

Kathy will be on Animal Planet's "Underdog to Wonderdog," this Saturday at 9PM EST. The show replays so check the listings.

I am so happy for Kathy. I will be watching, smiling and thinking, "Kathy PWNS!!!"


I can't believe we know each other for 8 years! Thanks for your support and I am honored to have you as my friend <3
Paula said…
Isn't it amazing how fandom can bring your lifelong friends?

I've been with one group of friends who met online in 1997. We've had marriages (two within the group!) and babies. We've had kids of members join in. It's a good feeling.

I can't wait to see the wonders done with this dog AND the dog house that goes with it. I love that show!