Run! Rerun!

My "Trading Spouses" episodes will air tomorrow. Eh, always fun stuff. I think I will play video games while this is on....or maybe I will take a break from my 12 hour a day pc addiction and watch it!

CMT - Hornaday/Chaffee Part 1.
Wed., Sep. 9 4:00 PM ET/PT
A Star Wars gaming addict with two grown teenagers trades places with a Christian mom from Kentucky who has young triplets.

CMT - Hornaday/Chaffee Part 2.
Wed., Sep. 9 5:00 PM ET/PT
Judy accuses Mike of being a control freak who doesn't spend enough "down time" simply enjoying his young triplets; Shon takes Doug and his teenagers sailing to reconnect as a family; when the moms meet, Shon confronts Judy about her computer addiction; and Judy warns Shon that Mike needs to put his family first, not the house.