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There are times email is a wonderful invention. It allows strangers to reach out and correspond easily. The majority of emails I receive on my Trading Spouses experience are a joy. The few that are nasty...well, they are expressing an opinion as well, they just land in the delete file without a reply. So, thank you for the thoughts. I am posting a few (names changed) just for fun.

I encourage all to write on anything to anyone. You could easily make a bad day good for the recipient or de-stress yourself by putting it to paper, so to speak.

I'm sure you must be sick of the entire trading spouses affair by now, but I feel the need to confess. A few months ago I got the flu and got sucked into watching reality shows. I have always abhorred reality shows b/c it's pretty obvious they wouldn't air actual reality on tv. Real reality would probably be rather dull. But I couldn't help but love feeling like I was peeking through the window of someone's life, even if the view was wildly distorted. My hubby got called out to work at last minute so tonight it was just me and the dvr and your episode of trading spouses was on. I'm normally too ADD to sit in front of the tv for the entire two episodes. I know that wasn't the "real" personalities, but you knocked my socks off. The amount of fun you had with the Caffee kids and your patience level, just the ability to have three 7 year olds around and not go insane was great. I have one 7 year old and she drives me up the wall pretty often...course ours is a tad less disciplined than the Caffee kiddos. Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on the way you handled yourself. That must be a really high stress situation, and kudos to you for your ability to handle it. Your kids were adorable, btw.

The kids were great! I was a sub for primary school so multiples didn't scare me. I wish I was able to keep in touch with the kids however, Mike and Shon decided otherwise. Perhaps when they are older (or sneaky) they will remember the nutty Star Wars Mom and drop a line.

Hey Judy,
Stumbled upon your blog after watching the infamous trading spouses with my boyfriend. We actually saw it a few weeks ago, but after thinking about Star Wars after the fact that it has been on TV a lot lately, I figured I would just do a little bit of searching. Anyways, reading your blog I thought I might put in my two cents. First, you were the first episode of the show that we watched for the full two hours, and secondly we could totally relate to you. Wish my parents could be as cool as you sometimes, my mom just discovered what an E-mail forward is. My dad is a Star Wars nut, but you would never catch him at a conference. My boyfriend loves Star Wars, so he thought you were the bees knees. I don't agree with reality TV in the least bit, but out of all of the families that swapped yours felt the most real. I am from Boulder, and am embarrassed that the woman who came from my town was so asinine. Sheesh. Hehe, I know it is all a play up for TV but your true colors showed through. I know your kids are proud you are their mother, and they are wonderful. You have a great family, and I love your house. I kept telling my boyfriend: AH THAT'S LIKE MY DREAM HOUSE. haha.

Well hope this email wasn't weird for you, if anything I hope it was a compliment! Just thought I would let you know that doing trading spouses for fun really paid off for you. We related, and we wish you well in your life. Keep on gaming! Also, I dig the fact that you do art. That's pretty cool. I started out as an art major but have since switched to Journalism.

My kids friends are always amazed that I play video games. Then they get my long winded speech on Pong, the generation that created the genre (Mine) and my career as a computer aided design/drafter. Computers have always been in my life either as a form of play or work. I love watching the gaming genre evolve. It is astonishing how far it has come in so short a time.


Ashley said…
I just watched your episode of Trading Spouses and did a search for "trading spouses chaffee" (I couldn't remember your name) and your site was indexed. I thought it was pretty cool that you had a website, and even cooler that you actually discuss the show on your blog. Yours was definitely one of my favorite episodes. Your family seems great, and your kids seem really cool (I'm only a few years older. I just turned 22.). I like when TS shows more "alternative" families, because then I feel less odd and I hope my dad is watching it the same time I am so he can see I'm not as weird as he thinks. lol

I hope you're doing well, and I hope you and your family went sailing a few times since the show. It looks like they had fun :)

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