Searching for a Traded Spouse?

If you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will see a small icon. Many sites have this. Most viewers never bother to look or just don’t care. The icon in question is for Sitemeter.

In my case, this is a free statistic utility where I can see where visitors are coming from, how long they stayed, how they arrived at HeyJudyArts and a few other details. There is no super secret information, just fun facts.

I check the stats every once and awhile to get an idea where “Trading Spouses” has aired. When browsing over the list today, I see Germany, Canada, Chili, Poland, Australia, Singapore and the Republic of Korea. Very neat. I wonder if any of the countries dub voices. That would be like a double edit. No telling what liberties could be taken. It would be amusing to see myself speak another language.

Aside from location, I can view what was entered into a search engine. Some are quite creative and the surfer often lands in the wrong place.

Spouse Trade - Eep! Chances are these people are at the wrong place. There might be sites out there for this activity but I haven't actually looked.

White carpet stains – I did a piece titled “White Carpet.” It had nothing to do with cleaning. Personally, I liked my rendition.

WoW Trading Spouses – World of Warcraft, a very popular online game and one I have never played nor do I ever plan on playing. Simple, dumbed down Orcs vs Cows? No thanks.

Trading Spouses money – Yes, money is involved! 50k worth. Before taxes, after show and no, nothing is left over. If you are really thinking of doing a reality TV show, money better be at the bottom of the list as a reason.

Trading Spouses Role Play Game – RPG for those that do however, the show is close to a role playing game considering the reality of it.

How to get on reality TV – That one makes sense and landing at my site could be of help.

Bedtime Story – I imagine reading my site could cause drowsiness.

Bottom line, (and icon at the bottom of the page) makes for interesting reading. Thanks Ya’ll!


Kyle said…
Polish now that would be interesting!
DreaBunny said…
I searched for "trading spouses star wars" and you popped right up! And you are on my tv RIGHT NOW!!! Woah!

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