Reality TV Tidbit - Makeup

The image of a director yelling "Makeup" and an actor being whaped with a power puff does not apply on FOX's "Trading Spouses."

If you want makeup, bring your own. If you packed an arsenal of products with written guarantees of firm, bright, dewy and youthful, good luck obtaining the time to apply them.

My experience tended to follow this pattern.

Wake up to a camera in your face. Try not to laugh and keep the covers high because this lady refuses to wear a bra to bed...even for TV.

Take aim on the bathroom door and make a mad dash dodging any crew members. Close the door. You can't actually take a shower now. They are waiting to film you in your jammies. Brush teeth, pee, look in mirror, shake head and head back out for the lovely morning shots.

Now...take the shower. They can hear when the water stops running. No time for that makeup or hair. The crew is already knocking on the door.

So in a sense, reality TV gets a true dose of reality when it comes to do it yourself makeup, although at home, I take a few minutes to transform myself with a bit of color and hair goo. Ok a lot of hair goo.


Anonymous said…
hi i watched trading spouses just now.

im from singapore somewhere in asia.

your pretty cool.
Hey Judy Arts said…
Did they dub the English? I would love to see myself speaking Chinese.

Thank you!