Reality TV Tidbit - Cars

Hey Dude, that's not my car.

The cars "Trading Spouses" participants are seen driving are not their own. They are rentals or company cars.

I was asked, prior to the filming, what cars we had so they could obtain similar vehicles for filming.

How they see my black Jetta as a still a mystery.


Ryan said…
Hi Judy,

I am a Canadian viewer and just saw your episode featured on the channel "Slice".

I know the episode is a repeat so it's probably a year old by now? I watched it with my girlfriend since she said you were into an online video games.

I know reality TV is anything but, but I liked seeing a 'normal' person shown as a gamer. Normal is always subjective of course.

I sort of want to ask how the money is doled out at the end- but that'll be sometime soon.

It's really neat to be able to send you a msg, Thanks!

Hey Judy Arts said…
*waves to Ryan*

Games are getting better reviews. People still frown at gaming but most negative views stem from people that have never experienced games as a source of entertainment.

The studies on gaming are encouraging. Stress reduction, small twitch muscle development and good for maintaining brain functions. I must be in the genius range by now!

Thanks for the comment.