Time Flies in an X-wing

It's been 3 months since my Trading Spouses episodes aired. Life is pretty much back to the wonderful, chaotic, kids everywhere, band in the basement...normal. (Which I adore)

Emma spent 10 days in Peru on a missionary trip. She had a great time. She even managed to email me a few times. This was her first trip out of the country without Mom and Dad. I worried, she was too busy having fun.

Evan and his band played at the Masquerade, a fairly well known venue in downtown Atlanta. This was a battle of the bands type of show. I was so proud seeing Evan and the boys on a real stage. I never imagined all the violin lessons to lead to metal core but I have developed new respect for the genre. I do steer clear of the mosh pit, those kids are bigger than me!


Drea said…
awe cute pics. your daughter looks really happy. I went on a mission trip to the dominican republic when I was about her age.. I was 18. It was wonderful.. I'd love to go back.

Glad all is well
Hey Judy Arts said…
Thankie Drea :)
Emma is very active in her church. She hopes to pastor after college. I think she has made a great choice. It suits her and her personality.
Drea said…
Where do you think she'd go to school to study?
My husband is a Baptist Pastor... he took over 8 years of college courses to start. He wants to go back and get his PhD in a year. School school school :-D

but its better to get taught than be ignorant in what you teach.

Hope she does well.