Trading Spouses - A Few Questions answered

A confession. I am a lazy blogger. My intentions are well placed, I just tend to think a bit too much when writing. That leads to many unfinished submissions. So, I’m taking the easy way out on this one.

Answers to a few common questions:

Who initially signed up for Trading Spouses and why?

I am the one to praise or blame for Trading Spouses. My local Star Wars club communicates via group email. One of the recruiters sent a request for Star wars/Star Trek Mom’s to the group. My family qualified so I thought…why not and filled out the online form.

I did ask the opinion of my club prior to applying. Most thought “Nooo….not a great idea.” I used, Does the benefit outweigh the risk, formula and hit enter.

My reasons for wanting to be involved on Trading Spouses are not what you may think. My primary reason was for the fun. Having the opportunity to see and be involved in a reality show intrigued me. “Just how do they make something like this?” I wanted to know.

I will confess, when considering the benefits of being on Trading Spouses, the thought of a future book on my adventure enticed me. This is currently in the works. (No it’s not an expose.) My first shot at the book is humor based. Makes sense since I did do the show for fun.

Would I do it again?

You betcha’. I learned so much! When I think back, it makes me smile.

The mechanics of a reality show are amazing. The teamwork required by the production company, the small amount of time to produce a show, the minute details of how, all require 100% dedication. So much of these details the viewer never sees and they shouldn’t. That’s the magic.

What would you do differently?

I would be a bit more assertive in my needs. You are filmed from the time you wake (actually a bit before…they are sneaky like that) till the time you say goodnight. I missed a shower, a few meals and just general me time. They do push you. I tell friends it’s a bit like boot camp. (Not that I have ever been in boot camp but my Dad and Brother have described it in detail) It is my opinion the show wants to wear you down physically and physiologically. A breakdown, of sorts, makes for good drama.

I would take mascara. I left mine at home. (Vanity confession number one.)

This one may sound odd but I would sleep nakey. They would have to blur which means most viewers would be attempting to focus the fuzz and wouldn’t be drawn to sleepy eyes and pillow creases. (Vanity confession number two.)

I would leave a certain pair of jeans at home. (Vanity confession number three)

Was Mike really that bad?

No. He is strict and does employ a commanding authority with the kids but he does laugh and smile as well. Keep in mind the show is created. They need to stick to a storyline. If they showed Mike having fun, it would not create the character they desired. (This is true for all the participants)

Mike is an incredible cook. One of the reasons he wanted to do the show was to educate the viewing audience on the benefits and enjoyment of a vegetarian diet. Although the show didn’t take that route, I applaud Mike’s talent in the kitchen.

Was it worth the 50k?

The general assessment is we get paid 50 thousand for a week’s worth of work. From the time I applied till the time the show was filmed, a year and a half elapsed. In that time, there were piles of forms, phone interviews, a detailed home tape submission, deadlines for information, faxes (Which I still can’t figure out so I go to my local mail shop) and a trip to Hollywood where one day was for fun the other all work. Family plans were often derailed during that time. Even though the production company tries to work around your schedule, if you really want to be on the show, you must make concessions.

So in answer to the question, I guess it was worth the 50k. I didn’t do it for the cash but having spent the time and surviving the consequences, yes.

Well there’s a few questions answered. I’ll try and do a few more later. Right now I have a Son that needs a haircut. *laughs * Just a trim.


Drea said…
Thats funny how they create their characters. Taking the good.. leaving the bad. I had a feeling the guy (forget his name - Mike?) wasnt as mean and cold hearted as they made him out to be. His children all seemed very happy. If he was always cold and harsh they wouldnt of had that type of joy... atleast I dont think as much.

I'd do it for 50k. But to be honest I dont think our family is that interesting to be on the show... Not saying we are boring or anything, but Nothing to out of the ordinary..