“Imagination is humanities greatest gift.”

I have been praised and slaughtered for my imaginative mind. We live in a world where nothing can go fast enough, media in all forms bombards us and people constantly try to maintain risking health and happiness.

As a mother of two teens and the wife of a man that averages 4-5 days of travel per week, I know the race course well. I also know where the pit stops are.

Time spent in any world of imagination, be it a book, game, TV, or castle creation under a summer sun serves a purpose. We are blessed with minds that can wander. For some, a journey into the imagination can manifest itself in the real world. Artists, inventors and writers are but a few that merge the worlds of reality and imagination.

As I read the critiques of my Trading Spouses episodes, many emotions surface. They range from anger and disappointment to happiness and humor. With such a wide range of reaction, I always return to what I believe.

I love it when people use their imagination. The producers used their imagination in creating the story. The viewers are using their imagination in defining my family. Why should I tell them Superman really wears purple?


blueskye said…
Hi Judy,
Have you always been a non-religious person? It must have been a real culture shock when you became the 'new' Chaffee mom. That kind of religion is hard to deal with.
What motivated you to become a contestant family on Trading Spouses?
Even though I'm a big fan of Impressionist art, I do like your style of art depicting family time.
Your easy-going personality, your casual style of dress and your approach to parenting...these factors stood out for me in watching this show.
I'm really curious as to how much or how little of Trading Spouses, wasn't actually reality and what aspects of your family weren't represented on this show?
Hey Judy Arts said…
I was raised Lutheran. I attended church with my family until I was around 13 or so. Theology has always facinated me. I like to find the common threads.

Even though I do not attend church, Doug and Emma do. Emma is on a missionary trip in Peru as I type this.

The only reason I was interested in Trading Spouses was to learn (I'm a curious thing) and for fun.

As for reality as it pertains to the show that was aired, "Tis a fine line between reality and fiction." Also meaning, it is up to the viewer (for now anyway) to make that decision.

Thanks for posting,

geekymama said…
Hi Judy,

Besides agreeing with your viewpoints on many things when watching the episodes - I also was able to "read between the lines" a bit.
Your children were well behaved and independent, creative and individualistic. I should hope my own three end up so well.

If one watches "reality tv" without counting on producers to edit the footage to suit the story line they plan to promote - then your reality will be very narrow indeed, won't it?

Thanks for being adventurous. In addition to being a curious thing - I think you must also be courageous, too. You've braved criticism from strangers - that takes a strong person with a strong heart.

Cheers to you,
christopher said…
People will always have their opinions. They're seeing the picture through a keyhole and deciding what they think it is.

I personally found you to be a really interesting person, and a lot of fun to watch.

I hardly even watch the show, yet somehow you impacted me enough that here I am now, writing on your blog.

Just enjoy yourself, and your family, and think positively. I'm going to try and do the same...
Drea said…
Well Hi there Judy!
No way how'd you find me? Was it a search for Trading Spouses? did my blog come up because I wrote about you.
I hope you werent offended by what I said. Im assuming you werent since you commented with a :-)

I must say the 2nd episode of the show did help my views change a bit about you.
I think the other family (forget their names)... was a bit judgemental and the husband was way to controlling for my taste. He needed to chill.

I thought it was very nice though how your hubby agree'd to join in with some of the things you enjoy... but I also think its good you enjoy those things he loves as well.. like sailing. That looks so fun.

Any how.
It was a very interesting show to watch. I dont watch it often... but when I do Im always amazed at the different families out there.

Do you still spend as much time online?
My brother spends 12-15 hours online each day... it is ruining his life.... I dont think its healthy at all... Its one thing to have a hobby and enjoy a certain game or thing... but when it becomes an alternate life... thats when it becomes unhealthy.

I love online games myself... dont play many any more since having a baby... but Im what our students call "the gamer" since I can beat most of their butts at any game haha.

any how take care im going to add you to my blog roll so I can see when you update your site.