Making the Attempt - Art - Artist

 I have been working on my art, as in really working. Drawing, painting everyday. Many hours. Many failures. Many successes. 

I attempted an art career more than once. I wasn't ready and my work was not me.

Now, in my senior years, I make a grand attempt to create, reach an audience and succeed. 

This is not an easy venture. In these times, being an artist requires more than just how to put paint on paper. Social media, networking, competitions, knowing how to scan a drawing and submit via the internet...all are involved. 

So I begin again.

I have two paintings in the Hudgen's Juried Members Art Show. Open house is November 12, 2022. The winner will be announced at 1pm. These are the two that were accepted. Wish me luck or even better, give me constructive criticism on my work.