End of an Era

Oh my, it's my birthday. I celebrated early with a Sapphire Martini. Hit me hard since I had zero sleep last night but...here I am typing. (and auto correct yelling at me)

My birthday marks an end to a journey. I have followed and lived, (in an odd way) The Skywalker Saga . It ends today.

My Dad was in Aerospace. He taught me about fuel, wings, trust, foils, turbines, velocity, astrodynamics, and read me Jules Verne at bedtime. We always looked to the night sky. We wondered, and theorized, what was beyond. My Dad and I were both dreamers. We looked to the stars and fell, mind over matter, in what could be.

Then there was Star Wars.

For someone that had always imagined a futuristic, fantasy world, “A New Hope” was a dream come true. I imagined life beyond Earth, good and bad, possible and improbable. Then suddenly. on a giant screen there were people from other planets talking, droids beeping, aliens singing, spaceships going to hyperspace, Lightsabers and blasters and the Force, Oh my! I collapsed into the world and I fell, hard..

I always took my Dad to any new Star Wars movies. I could see in his eyes he loved the concept as much as I did. Together we could take the movies beyond what was on the screen and create our own adventure. We never shared our visions however, we were both dreamers, visionaries and when we looked to the stars, our thoughts coincided.

The last Star Wars my my Dad saw was “The Force Awakens.” We met at an IMAX theater, My Dad had congestive heart failure. Our seats were at the top. He lost his breath ½ way up. I was very concerned but he was determined to get to the goal...a seat in an IMAX theater on opening day for Star Wars. Others attempting to get to their seats were kind. We shifted to the wall for my Dad to catch his breath. Once in our seats, he relaxed, took a few deep breaths and while holding my hand we began a our adventure.

I was at the pre-premier for “The Last Jedi.” It was 4 days before my birthday. My Dad had been moved to his home for hospice care. He was dying. I told him I was going to see the new Star Wars movie and he asked if I got him a ticket. With tears I told him, “Soon.”

He never saw “The Last Jedi.” I missed him at that viewing as I will miss him today.

Star Wars has impacted my life more than I could imagine. I joined a Star Wars club, “HothLantaRebels” when my children were teens. I wanted a group of adults to have fun with, if even once a month. My Dad was at the event when I received my membership card. Nerds like to stick together especially if they are family.

I played Star Wars Galaxies with a gang of friends from The Sims Online. From there, craziness happened.

I applied to FOX Reality TV to be a part of “Trading Spouses, Meet Your New Mommy.” They were looking for Star Wars fans. Yup. Got the part. That journey...loved but long tale.

So here I am. My Dad is gone. I am still here. The final Skywalker tale is about to be unfolded. (Thank you J.J Abrams) I feel old. I am at the end of a saga.

With sadness I must close this part of my life. I know there will be other tales but this one has spanned a lifetime. Some are still here, many are gone. My only hope is...long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away, the force is with all of us, forever.,


Anonymous said…
My daughter and I just watched your episode of Trading Spouses for the second time. I'd love an update on you, your family and the other family (if you kept in touch with them). I can't believe it's been almost 14 years since that episode aired. We are so curious how everyone is doing.

Sorry to hear about your dad. It sounds like you two had a special relationship.
Hey Judy Arts said…
My family is a joy yo me. I am a proud Grandmother to Emma and David's daughter. Loving this. Evan is married to his 10 year long love. I adore her. Doug and I are adjusting to the empty nest thing. All good. We love each other despite what the show depicted.

As for the Chaffee family. I keep in touch with the girls, Emma and Tess. Both are beautiful, confident women...with tattoo's and piercings! Emma is currently touring China and Tess is in college.

So long ago but dang, my memories of creating that show are sweet.
Anonymous said…
Just spent quite a long time googling to find an update. You are a super star in my opinion! Great personality! Wondering if you still play Star Wars? If the show influenced you in any way?
Anonymous said…
Also I sooo love that Mike's girls have tattoos and piercings! We saw that one coming! Awesome that you kept a connection with them.