Happy Mommy's Day

Amazing Mommy's Day. Not "Mother" because I am only called "Mother" when Emma is mad at me. Had a houseful. Evan, Catherine, Emma, David, Maya and Chet. Furry friends, Jasper and Mikey. 

Decided to make my Grandmother's fried chicken with all the fixin's. Woah. Now I remember why I never make this. Catherine was my amazing sou-chef. Three pans of chicken constantly needing attention.
My Grandmother's chicken is slow cooked in cast iron, very little oil and salted on every turn.

Appetizer via Evan and Doug, fried green tomatoes. Southern green beans, smashed red potatoes, milk gravy and...Catherine's incredible buttermilk biscuits. (I had to hide one for later)
The last time I made my Grandma's chicken was 20 years ago. She taught/helped me then. Although she was born in New Mexico, her home was Oklahoma and then California so not really what most think of as "Southern Fried Chicken."

I called her "Nanny." To my kids she was "Great Nanny." She was someone I loved dearly.

She was with my Dad and I when my Mom died. She flew out from California often after that. She knew my children well and they remember her. 

She is gone. I guess I wanted to have this special menu to honor all the Mom's and Grandmother's I have known and perhaps to pass on a tiny bit of culinary history in the telling.

Happy Mommy's Day. All we really want is to be remembered.