And So He Goes

My Dad left this world. January 13, 2018. He celebrated his 85th birthday New Years Eve, 2017.

Long journey, short time. I knew my Dad was declining when he asked me to go grocery shopping.(November 26, 2017) He wanted to go with me however I called and said. "How about we go over your list and I just bring things to you." He accepted.

We talked on the phone, I was browsing the Publix website and adding anything he needed to my list.  I shopped close to my home and headed to my Dad's. When I got there he was in great spirits. I stored the groceries and made him Tilapia in a reduced wine sauce served over grated zucchini. No to low salt and it was amazing. He was getting around the house with the use of a walker and cane. He was in a good mood. I stayed. We talked. As always, needed to go home but was reluctant to leave him.

Sunday. Home health was visiting for the wounds in his leg. Weeping, blisters, edema. This has been a long time battle. The nurse called me but I didn't answer, chose to call my Dad instead. He told me the nurse insisted he go to ER. I told Dad I would be there as soon as I was able. Dad and I both suffered a tummy bug so I was delayed leaving. In route the traffic was horrendous, there was a road block which took me 45 minutes to navigate a re-route. If bad luck is a sign of more to come, my trip to Dad's was it.

When I got there, he told me he had been unable to get out of his recliner. His sweatpants were not up and he asked me to help get them on properly. He was more than embarrassed. I told him I have seen men's underwear often and it was not something I couldn't handle. Regardless, he insisted that before I do anything else, I was to help him pull his pants up. Done.

The previous time I took him to ER, we had a difficult time finding food he could eat. (Low sodium) so I made two sandwiches from the groceries I had delivered the day before. I packed his "Vegas" bag with everything he requested. Then we attempted to get him out of the chair and into my car.

Out of the chair was not easy. We failed four times. I told my Dad, "Either you make this happen or I will need to call an ambulance." He made it happen. Very slowly, with the walker and my grasp, we made our way to the car.

That was the last time my Dad was able to walk. I am happy he held me at that time. Joyous I could help.


Bubbalou said…
So sorry to hear, Ehope!
Hey Judy Arts said…
Thank you Tim. Tough stuff but a beautiful, quiet ending for my Dad.